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Industry: Retail.

Kupivip is one of the largest online fashion retailers in Russia, serving 1.6M unique users. The site sells thousands of fashionable clothing brands, shoes and accessories at deep discounts.


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Kupivip nearly doubles sales by using Criteo to boost customer loyalty.

The challenge

To stand out from its deep-discount competition and increase revenue, Kupivip wanted to maximize customer engagement, increase shopping frequency and optimize basket value per user — without adding additional costs.

The solution

Kupivip had been running prospecting campaigns with Criteo since July 2014. The retailer decided to build on that acquisition strategy and launched Criteo performance campaigns targeting existing customers in September of the same year. The goal was to expand revenues, maintain current costs, and use performance advertising to both get new customers in the door and encourage them to return, spend and return again.

The results

With Criteo ads now targeting prospects and existing customers, Kupivip was able to increase both new and repeat sales

  • 73% Uplift in sales generated by Criteo display ads
  • +17% Average revenue per user generated by Criteo display ads

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