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Teespring saw a 73% increase in revenue and a 51% higher ROAS after implementing Criteo Predictive Search to manage their Google Shopping campaigns.

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Teespring is a platform that empowers its sellers to launch their own custom apparel products with no cost or risk. With over 12 million constantly changing products in their inventory, they lacked the resources to manage their Google Shopping campaign manually. As a result, they were only able to list a small portion of their catalog — leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. They partnered with Criteo to better scale and optimize their Google Shopping program, so that all elements of the campaign could seamlessly adapt with each change in inventory.


Criteo implemented a granular SKU-level campaign using Criteo Predictive Search. This ensured that Teespring’s feeds were always updated and accurate. In addition, the technology constantly reevaluated each user to predict buyer readiness and employed Criteo’s proprietary self-evolving, predictive algorithm to ensure the most educated bids. The result was better performance — with multi-layered bids based on full knowledge of user, product, device, and intent.


By implementing Criteo Predictive Search, Teespring enjoyed:

  • A 73% increase in revenue per day
  • A 51% rise in ROAS efficiency
  • The capability to merchandize their entire catalog – releasing hundreds of thousands more SKUs into their Google Shopping feed – and drive more growth
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