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Sony embraced cross device, and it paid off with double conversion rates YOY.


Conversion rate YoY


Revenue during holiday peak season


Cost of sale YoY


Sony strove to continually improve its e-commerce campaign performance and efficiency – using the most innovative methods to drive sales and revenue while reducing its cost of sales - especially during the competitive holiday season.


Sony’s adaption of the new enhancements made to the Criteo Engine, as well as leveraging key product innovations in mobile and social, enabled their performance to soar and saw their conversion rates more than double YOY, while their cost of sales decreased by 15%.


  • Conversion rate improved by more than 2x YOY
  • Cost of sales decreased by 15% YOY
  • 281% increase in revenue at a 74.6% lower cost of sale YOY during the ultra-competitive Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday period

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