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Sole Society

Sole Society achieved a 27% more efficient CPA and 323% more conversions YOY by using Criteo Predictive Search to manage their Google Shopping campaigns.




conversions YOY


Back in 2015, four years after its launch by the Camuto Group, women’s lifestyle shoe and accessory brand Sole Society was having trouble hitting performance targets with the solution they were using to manage their Google Shopping campaigns. They needed more sophisticated technology to help them get more sales out of their investment in the Shopping channel.


With Criteo Predictive Search, Sole Society got precise bids for each individual product, and bids on users more effectively with self-adjusting remarketing lists more effectively. By automating the entire Google Shopping optimization process with an end-to-end machine learned solution, the company’s marketing team gained both efficiencies and performance lifts.


Through the power of Criteo Predictive Search, Sole Society:

  • Increased the number of conversions they achieved by 323%
  • Decreased their cost per action (CPA) by 27%
  • Boosted their conversions from RLSA alone by 134%

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