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Digital agency SmartClick partnered with Criteo to ensure they were offering an optimal paid search service and boosted their clients’ ROAS by 47%

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When simple bid management tools proved insufficient, digital marketing agency SmartClick needed a precise, data-driven technology to optimize the paid search and social ad management programs they already offered. They also needed an end-to-end technology solution that would optimize all aspect of Google Shopping programmatically instead of just bid management, to ensure their diverse roster of clients could capitalize on every incremental growth opportunity that presented itself and avoid plateauing, no matter their size or industry.


In building and sustaining a collaborative relationship with Criteo, SmartClick learned how to be a sharper, leaner agency that was better equipped to achieve its clients’ goals:

  • Criteo Predictive Search gave their existing clients a smarter, more user- and product-specific bidding solution powered by machine-learning algorithms.
  • They were able to better understand and equip new clients from the get-go, making for a simpler, more transparent (and overall more desirable) client experience.
  • The added technology and insights helped minimize the agency’s in-house inefficiencies, freeing up employees’ time to gather more qualitative information about growth areas across marketing channels.


Within 90 days, Criteo Predictive Search had driven up revenue for SmartClick’s clients by 51% and ROAS by 47%. Within a year, it had boosted those clients’ conversions by 137% YOY.

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