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REVOLVE Clothing used Criteo Predictive Search to transform the granularity that they were able to bid on products, increasing conversions by 16% and ROAS by 36%.






REVOLVE Clothing, a Los Angeles-based online fashion retailer featuring over 500 designer brands, was employing a static campaign in Google Shopping and had hit a wall. Their former strategy had been to group by brand and category, but they found that growth and revenue were flattening out with such a limited approach. In particular, products new to the catalog without much performance history weren’t bid effectively. They recognized that they needed a more dynamic and optimized solution – one with an element of prediction – to make the most of constantly evolving consumer trends and inventory


With Criteo, REVOLVE bid more effectively on both products and users. Criteo created and maintained an automated SKU-level campaign structure, allowing for granular bidding for each product. Criteo also leveraged data about product attributes to make accurate predictions on the likelihood of each product to drive performance, even if the product was new to the REVOLVE catalog. In addition, through Criteo’s Advanced Remarketing feature, they were able to assign a value to each user based on full knowledge of their buying journey — providing deeper user targeting that self-adjusted as consumer behavior shifted.


Criteo Predictive Search helped REVOLVE:

  • Drive conversions by 16%
  • Increase Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) by 36%

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