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DrudgeReport.com quadrupled ad revenue on a single unit in first 30 days of implementing Criteo’s Real-Time Audience Targeting (RTA).

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Avg. Criteo spend (300x250)


Total Criteo spend


Growth of ad spend


Criteo had been working with Intermarkets to monetize DrudgeReport.com for several years, spending conservatively in Q1 of 2014, unaware of a bigger opportunity. Just as Criteo is continually seeking ways to optimize advertiser performance, Intermarkets was looking for a new opportunity to maximize monetization Drudgereport.com.


Drudgereport.com switched their 300x250 ad units from cookie targeting to Criteo Real-Time Audience in May of 2014. RTA provided a more effective way of buying inventory by calculating user value in real time, solving the problem of stale cookie pools and increasing conversation rate and Criteo spend.


  • Criteo average spend increased 317% for the 300x250 unit alone
  • Criteo total spend increased 465% within the first 30 days of RTA going live
  • DrudgeReport.com grew 11.2X faster than the Criteo network as a whole
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