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By implementing Criteo Predictive Search, Compressionsale.com was able to master the complexities of Google Shopping and boost conversions by 53%.

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For over 30 years, the people behind Compressionsale.com have delivered quality compression stockings to its customers both online and off. Using paid search and remarketing, they had built both a strong e-marketplace and an expert understanding of their inventory there, but with the rise of the famously complex Google Shopping, their small web team found they were going to need outside help continuing to translate that expertise into growth.


By teaming up with Criteo, Compressionsale.com began receiving a steady stream of the latest performance marketing research and trends, giving them a competitive edge in their industry. They also implemented Criteo Predictive Search, which allowed them to:

  • Set SKU-level bids rather than at the brand level, allowing them to deliver relevant product recommendations more precisely and intelligently than ever before
  • Implement their first-ever remarketing lists, giving them the power to leverage their existing user behavior data to predict and act upon the value of individuals visiting their site


Within 90 days of implementing Criteo Predictive Search, Compressionsale.com was enjoying:

  • A 53% increase in conversions
  • A 25% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA)
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