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Forrester Report: As Paid Search Evolves, Marketers Must Too

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Criteo investigates how retail marketers are staying ahead in paid search — a critical eCommerce channel marked by complexity and constant change.

Paid Search remains a crucial channel for retailers, consistently ranking as a top driver of digital revenue, but it requires increasingly sophisticated management to differentiate your company and products from the competition.

Forrester surveyed 186 retail marketing decision-makers to find out more about how they are navigating the complexities of paid search in this evolving landscape, many under pressure to deliver better results with flat or decreasing digital budgets.

In this commissioned report, you will learn:

  • Which emerging search capabilities (like mobile-specific campaigns, product listing ads, dynamic search ad creative, and location-based capabilities) present the most challenges for retailers
  • Why Product Listing Ads (PLAs) deliver significant value but also require a nuanced and attentive approach
  • How paid search marketing has changed over the past two years

Best of all, you’ll get specific recommendations from Forrester on how to improve your search marketing programs, based on this research.