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Criteo Sponsored Products

Unlock New Brand Budgets

Sponsored Products are native product ads that allow you to tap into incremental funds from top brands

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Transforming the Economics of Ecommerce

Consumer expectations are increasing. It doesn't have to come at the expense of your profits.

Incremental Revenue for Retailers

Criteo Sponsored Products for Retailers
Sponsored Products appear as native product listings in defined locations throughout the purchase path of retailer site and apps. Shoppers who click on the ads stay within your e-commerce environment, promoting conversion, while paying you for every click.
Our technology has been designed from the ground up to show the most relevant ad - or no ad at all - to ensure advertising always serves the shopper’s interest, while maximizing profit from every visit.

Private Markets
Private Markets enables retailers to offer Sponsored Products. Ideal for trade programs, co-op budgets, and marketplace sellers, liquidity from Private Markets blends with funds from the Criteo network to maximize sales and profits for your e-commerce media program.

Serve your shoppers' interests while maximizing profit from every visit.

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How it Works

Easy Implementation

To get started provide us with your product feed, enable ad insertion, and tag your order confirmation pages. Soon after see product ads live on your site.

Easy Implementation Easy Implementation

Ad Optimization

Product ads are natively integrated with your sites and apps. Based on the page context and shopper behaviors, Criteo Sponsored Products are dynamically generated to fit the style and layout of your site.

Ad Optimization Ad Optimization

A Winning Approach for Retailers

Provides Scale

Provides Scale

By combining the traffic and data of leading retailers, Criteo provides brands and agencies with scale they want to invest in, leading to additional revenue for you.

Protects Trade & Co-Op Dollars

Protects Trade & Co-Op Dollars

Revenue from Sponsored Products is completely incremental and goes directly to the bottom line. Sponsored Products are designed not to conflict with co-op relationships; funding comes from brand and search budgets.

Keeps Your Data Secure

Keeps Your Data Secure

Ad performance is reported on an aggregate level across the network, giving brands the confidence to continue to reinvest in winning strategies.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

The native ads are designed to match your site’s look & feel. They are displayed as product listings, sponsored products, or featured products. You control exactly where to place ads and Criteo shows brands that you currently sell.